Welcome to the Honorary Consulate General of Hungary

Üdvözöljük Magyarország Tiszteletbeli Főkonzulátusán!

Thank you for visiting our website. The Honorary Consulate welcomes you to beautiful British Columbia. In order to assist you better, please note that our consulate is not a "career" diplomatic mission, i.e., it has limited authorization to perform consular duties.

No passport or visas can be obtained from this consulate. The consulate's jurisdiction is solely the province of British Columbia. It is mandated only to assist Hungarian citizens, Hungarians living abroad, tourists and the residents of British Columbia for their various consular matters related to Hungary.

The consulate mainly hosts information on various application procedures such as citizenship, passport and provides services for authentication and verification of documents, signatures. Certain necessary forms for download are also available with other mostly visited links.

Our sincere hope that not only Hungarians and Canadians but also others will find this website useful in their dealings with Hungary. It is our honor and privilege to help you!

Best Regards, Minden jót!

Andre Molnar
Honorary Consul General



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André Molnar, President of the Molnar Group of Companies, is a leader in the real estate industry in British Columbia, Canada. During a career that has spanned more than 30 years, Mr. Molnar has developed extensive expertise in residential real estate construction and management.

Mr. Molnar has held a variety of positions in industry and community organizations, including former President of the Canadian Home Builder’s Association of British Columbia, former Chairman of New Home Warranty and Director of the Urban Development Institute.

Hungarian-born, André Molnar spent his early life in Europe, completing a business management program in Switzerland before moving to Canada in 1966 and settling in Vancouver. He has been the Honorary Consul General to the Republic of Hungary for the Province of British Columbia since 1990.



Amalia E. Szilagyi practices as lawyer at McQuarrie Hunter LLP, in Surrey, British Columbia. Amalia’s practice encompasses a wide-range of estate services, including estate planning and wealth preservation, estate administration and estate litigation. Amalia comes to the practice of law from a strong academic background that includes a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia in History and European Studies, a Masters of in Arts in European Studies from the University of British Columbia, and J.D. from the University of Victoria.

Amalia is an active member of the Lower Mainland Bar Associations and is a frequent presenter at free public seminars aimed at educating people about the importance of estate and personal planning. Amalia was born and raised in Vancouver and is an active member of the Hungarian-Canadian community in the Lower Mainland.


The Honorary Consuls are not employed by the Hungarian government; they are not affiliated to any Hungarian or Canadian political parties. They perform their honorary consular duties on a voluntary basis.